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WMCO Digital Marketing Training Events are scheduled throughout the year and open to members and non-members. We have partnered with Candybox Marketing who are experts in their field. If you are interested in on-site training funding is available through the Canada Ontario Job Grant.

WMCO Digital Marketing Online Training Workshop – NEW!
A bi-weekly workshop series providing digital marketing tactics to help businesses grow.

Join us as we learn from the experts at Candybox Marketing, a renowned digital agency, which has proven time and again how digital marketing can catapult any business to new levels of success.

Each session will consist of the following:

  • 45-minute deep-dive (facilitated by subject-matter expert)
  • 15-minute Q&A session on the subject-matter
  • Follow-up opportunities (by phone or Zoom)
  • Promotional offer for all attendees

Session 1: BRANDING
Attendees will learn how to create and execute a brand strategy for their business. This will include:

  • identifying the voice, culture, feeling, and impact of their business
  • constructing a brand statement that can be shared internally with their team
  • executing the brand strategy through digital marketing efforts

Session 2: WEBSITE
Attendees will learn how to transform their website into a high-converting digital presence. This will include:

  • Defining specific objectives for every webpage
  • Generating conversions through strategic call-to-actions
    (for customers and recruitment)
  • Reviewing key website metrics for continual improvement
    (for conversions and to meet new AODA requirements)

Attendees will learn how to use social media platforms to share content, start conversations, build relationships, and generate revenue. This will include:

  • Generating content, loading posts, and managing social presence efficiently
  • Getting found by customers with our step-by-step strategies
  • Building a strategic content schedule

Attendees will learn how to generate leads through the use of Google and Facebook Advertising. This will include:

  • reviewing high-converting pages to identify proven strategies
  • creating an audience profile to attract the ideal customers
  • reviewing analytics to make necessary modifications to active online ads

Session 5: VIDEO
Attendees will learn how to implement a video strategy to tell their brand’s story. This will include:

  • reviewing case studies of high-performing videos to highlight key ingredients
  • creating a video and storytelling strategy through our step-by-step process
  • placing videos in the right channel to generate the best results

Candybox Marketing Inc. Logo

Candybox Marketing Inc., is a team of marketers that specialize in generating results online. A full service digital marketing agency with an incredible team of 30+ in-house experts who will drive results to help you grow your business. As Canada’s premier digital marketing agency, they believe in marketing that works.

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