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WMCO/CME WSIB Rebate Health & Safety Excellence Program

The Idea

The Health & Safety Excellence Program rewards businesses that incorporate prevention measures into their daily practices. The key idea behind the program is that a health and safety program makes good business sense and helps you to keep your employees safe and healthy

Performance-Based Rewards

The Health and Safety Excellence program is a WSIB performance-based rewards program replacing the previous WSIB Small Business, Safety Groups and Workwell programs. This new model provides a clear road map for Ontario businesses to improve workplace health and safety.

Safer Workplaces

Participants can earn both financial and non-financial rewards and create safer workplaces. Whether you are just getting started or want to optimize systems and processes you already have in place, this program can help you reach your goals.

WHY JOIN THE WMCO/CME WSIB Rebate Health & Safety Excellence Program?

Earn rebates and lower your WSIB premiums
Up to 2% or minimum $1000 rebate per topic for up to 5 topics per year!
Receive non-financial recognition
Improve your health & safety experience & overall safety program


Attend an info session
Understand the program and business case for health and safety

Join the WMCO/CME Health & Safety Excellence Program
and select 1-5 topics to work on for the year

Learn and implement safety topic(s)
with the support of WMCO

 Submit evidence of implementation
for review by a WSIB validator

Receive rebates and non-financial recognition

WMCO Members: $995 per year plus hst

Ready to Start the Program – Fill out the form below!


Achieve more while you improve health and safety in your workplace. The Health & Safety Excellence program offers financial rebates on WSIB premiums and non-financial recognition for your investment.


Total rebate and eligibility are determined once the action plan is closed, and final validation results are received on all action plan topics. The maximum number of topics you can receive a rebate for per action plan cycle (12 months) is five. WSIB calculates and distributes rebates quarterly.


To calculate your potential rebate click here to download the calculation form.

To calculate your potential rebate you will need to know:

1. Your Annual reported
WSIB premiums as of Dec. 31 of the year prior to the date rebate is calculated  

2. Predictability factor of either 1.4% or 2% based on your predictability percentage.

Predictability is the degree to which a business’s claims experience and insurable earnings can impact their premium rate. 

Your predictability percentage determines whether you will receive 1.4% or 2% per topic of your reported annual WSIB premiums as of December 31 of the year before the date your rebate is calculated

You can find your predictability percentage on your annual WSIB statement, or log in to the WSIB online service site and go to you Compass report.

3. Total number of action plan topics you plan to complete

Minimum and Maximum Rebates

In the example below, the business’s predictability is 10% so the predictability factor is 2% (refer to the section titled ‘Predictability’ for more information). Using the rebate formula (annual reported WSIB premiums x the predictability factor) they would earn $5,151 x .02 = $103.02 per health and safety topic successfully completed. Therefore, they would qualify for a rebate of $1,000 per completed topic up to a maximum total rebate of 75% of their reported annual WSIB premiums or $3,863 (75% of $5,151).

Minimum rebate
There is a minimum rebate of $1,000 per completed topic. However, the total rebate a business can receive for all completed topics is a maximum of 75% of their total reported annual WSIB premiums (as of December 31, of the year before the date your rebate is calculated). 

Maximum rebate
There is a rebate cap (maximum) of $50,000 per completed and validated action plan topic.

Non-Financial Recognition

In addition to a financial rebate, your business can earn non-financial recognition for completing health and safety topics. 

• Recognition includes online digital badges that serve as recognition of achievement within the Health and Safety Excellence program. Like a physical badge signifying the completion of a task or acquired skill level, online digital badges visually display a skill, accomplishment, or competency. 

• The badges will be available for you to download from the digital portal. Refer to the section titled ‘Receive your achievement report in the digital portal’ for more information.