Why join us? 

If you are a manufacturer or supply chain business for the wood industry, the WMCO is the place to raise your competitive edge, solve challenges and meet like minded industry professionals.

  • Networking with industry professionals – Owners, Presidents, Managers, Leaders & Industry Experts. 
  • CFIB membership benefits and services included with membership
  • Plant tour focus groups. 
  • Training and skills development – both technical and soft skills. 
  • Export development initiatives. 
  • Guest speakers presenting on best practices and value-added resources. 
  • Online resources – watch past events, download presentations, instant messaging network of industry professionals and more. 
  • Savings on WSIB premiums. 
  • Employee benefits plans. 
  • Discounts and savings. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the network?

Access WMCO’s network though several channels of service depending on your needs.  Some ways include:

  • Instantly communicate with many owners and managers on digital communication network on WhatsApp and BAND.
  • Unlimited access to attend in person or online at our networking events and hybrid plant tours.
  • Download our contact list of members phone numbers, email addresses to reach out directly to members.
  • Introductions to members and community partners who can help you from our network with your outreach requests to us.

Does the membership include my employees or just me?

Yes your membership is extended to your company’s employees to engage with us, attend events and participate in opportunities.

What do I get access to with my membership?

  • Access to instantly communicate with industry professional owners, presidents and managers of wood manufacturing companies and supply chain service providers who are ready to do business answer questions, help solve challenges or engage in the network.
  • Send member inquires out to our entire mailing list while maintaining your valued privacy (inquire for details).
  • Send out or respond to RFQ’s through our network (inquire for details).
  • Access to watch on demand on our website past events like plant tours and industry professionals presentations.
  • Access to member preferred pricing on employee upskilling training like WMCO hosted sales training; digital marketing; leadership development; health and safety; lean manufacturing training.
  • Access WSIB rebate program to save up to 10% on annual premiums (some conditions apply).

Can I contact anyone in the WMCO network?

Yes, you can reach out to anyone in the WMCO network.  We can assist by contacting us directly or you can go direct to contact members utilizing the downloadable contact list or via our WhatsApp group and Band App.

What can I gain from a membership?

Access, collaboration, opportunity, insight.  Access to answers on common challenges owners face through the network.  Access to upskilling your workforce. Industry driven collaboration among wood manufacturers and the supply chain.  A knowledge sharing community of professionals.  Opportunity to engage in funding projects as they become available.  Opportunity to contribute ideas leading to new developments for this industry driven cluster.  Insight into how the wood manufacturing industry is evolving and therefore increasing your competitive edge as a business.

What is a Cluster?

Industry clusters involve one industry, in a defined region, focused on the manufacturing companies.  They embrace supply chain, work with local academia for workforce development, and government partners to fund projects and activities, to help the industry thrive.

Clusters have been successful in Europe for the last 30 years. They are new to North America, where few true industry-led clusters exist. The Wood Manufacturing Cluster of Ontario is the only cluster for the wood industry in Canada.

How is a cluster different than an association?

Clusters also differ from associations by creating collaborative projects and activities between companies that are beneficial to all; including competitors. The focus is the improvement of all companies to make the industry globally competitive.

WMCO cluster is also structured by their board governance so that manufacturers remain in control, while also allowing supplier members to contribute to the development of the cluster.

WMCO offers a variety of events and programs for training and skills development.

The benefit to members is to enhance employees skills, and provide access to new workers with the right ones. Training Events run through the year and our events are open to non-members. More intensive in-house training courses are available for all training themes.