Online Lean Certification

WMCO Online Lean Certification is available on-demand and open to members and non-members. Our lean trainers are experts in their field and have been working in the wood industry for many years. If you are interested in on-site training funding is available through the Canada Ontario Job Grant.

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Online Lean Yellow Belt Certification

Based on the practices perfected by Lean Advisors through decades of hands-on experience in the public and private sectors, this program is intended for all staff including managers, support staff, administration, and trainers who require comprehensive initial training in Lean to prepare them to contribute in a Lean process workplace.

The Online Lean Yellow Belt Certification is a flexible program that offers you the opportunity to learn online at your own pace.  Upon successful completion, you will receive an Online Lean Yellow Belt Certificate and a full academic achievement transcript listing your marks for each of your completed courses.

An individual with a Lean Yellow Belt has had broad training in the major Lean principles, techniques, and tools relating to your unique environment and providing value to the customer.

The Lean Yellow Belt is well qualified to participate and contribute as a full member of a Lean Kaizen improvement team, and to contribute in a lean work environment.  Upon completion of the Lean Yellow Belt Program, you will have the capacity and confidence to demonstrate leadership skills and to mentor and assist other team members who have less Lean training and knowledge.

Participants completing the concepts module will be able to:

  • Describe the benefits of “Going Lean.”
  • Recognize why every organization isn’t Lean.
  • Compare attitudes and metrics of Lean with those of traditional organizations.
  • Recognize obstacles you must overcome to become a truly lean organization.

Participants completing the value stream module will be able to:

  • Define Value Stream and explain Enterprise Value Stream Mapping and why it is important.
  • Identify how and where to begin mapping the current value stream.
  • Describe the development of a Future-State Value Stream Map
  • Describe how to develop a Future State Implementation Plan

Participants completing the kaizen events module will be able to:

  • Describe preparation for a Kaizen event.
  • Describe the parts and functions of a Kaizen team.
  • Describe the first five steps in the Kaizen Event Process.
  • Describe the implement, evaluate, standardize and celebrate steps of the Kaizen process.

Participants completing the planning & charters module will be able to:

  • Describe Lean as a total system driven systematically by goals and vision.
  • Explain the role of Management in Lean implementation via cycles of activity guided by Hoshin or PDCA.
  • Describe the role, structure, and purpose of charter documents.
  • Describe the typical attributes of a Charter Document and how it relates to Kaizens of differing complexity.
  • Describe the use of the A3 chart and compare/contrast its primary characteristics to a simple Kaizen Charter.
  • Explain the analysis and planning components of an A3.
  • Explain the value of A3 for reporting results.

Participants completing the 5S module will be able to:

  • Describe the benefits and implementation of 5S.
  • Describe the benefits and implementation of the “Sort Phase”.
  • Describe the benefits and implementation of the “Set in Order” phase.
  • Describe the benefits and implementation of the “Shine Phase”.
  • Describe the benefits and implementation of the “Standardize Phase”.
  • Describe the benefits and implementation of the “Sustain Phase”.

Participants completing the mistake proofing module will be able to:

  • Explain the basic concepts behind Mistake Proofing.
  • Describe the key characteristics of mistake proofing and failsafe methods and devices.
  • Describe the process for implementing mistake proofing.
  • Recognize examples of how mistake proofing has been applied.

Participants completing the achieving flow module will be able to:

  • Describe the fundamental concepts of flow, including the relationship of flow to value from the customer perspective, customer demand, takt time, variable demand, flow vs. push, and issues that prevent flow.
  • Explain how flow within the value stream is analyzed, including the role of the EVSM process, identifying process steps and work elements, data gathering, and analysis.
  • Describe the steps to remove blockages to flow, including workplace organization, motion and transport, change-over/turnover, error proofing, over-processing, and attention to people skills.
  • Explain the steps to improve the layout for flow.
  • Describe methods for balancing work and facilitating flow.

WMCO Member Pricing:
Yellow Belt Certification (7 modules): $650.00 plus HST
Yellow Belt Single Module: $200.00 plus HST per module

Non-Member Pricing:
Yellow Belt Certification (7 modules): $1200.00 plus HST
Yellow Belt Single Module: NA

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Lean Advisors logo
Lean Advisors are pioneers in the application of Lean beyond its manufacturing origins. For over two decades, they have successfully delivered the original spirit of Lean to organizations across North America. Helping companies build high-performance teams that continually innovate to transform their organizations using lean principles and methodology. Their goal is to help companies to do what’s called in Lean: “To do more with less resources”, transforming the existing processes and culture of the organization into flexible and fully scalable operation to take companies to the next level by maximizing the value of the business.

What separates them from other Lean Shops is the breadths of expertise of our seasoned group of operational experts with diverse industry experiences in business sectors: Manufacturing, Aerospace, Healthcare, Finance, Education, Government Services, Food, Software.  They know that the biggest challenges in an organizations’ business transformations are:

  • Improving the company culture
  • Execution and sustaining operational excellence projects
  • Maintaining key priorities and focus, especially in the light of technological changes
  • Need for end-to-end business transformation, entailing breaking down functional silos that lack aligned goals
  • Keeping up with new technologies
  • Designing processes without ‘waste’ and determining technology to support the future state
  • Need for leadership understanding and buy-in and con
  • Consistent support

Visit Lean Advisors to learn more about additional programs that WMCO members can access. If you are interested in other training offered at Lean Advisors please contact us for WMCO Member Pricing. Funding is available through the Canada Ontario Job Grant for some services.

Meet the WMCO Lean Online Certification Team

Wood Manufacturing Cluster of Ontario’s Lean Online Certification Training offers our members convenient access to professional Lean Experts.



Julia’s passion has always been supporting client’s strategy development and alignment of stakeholders around shared goal, providing sound business advice, resource planning and expertise to fill the gaps and needs of clients at all different levels of lean journey development.


Managing Director/Founder

Over the years, Larry has worked with 100’s of companies at various stages of their Lean journey in many different business sectors. He is particularly skilled at working with senior executives in the boardroom to plan, problem solve and create Lean corporate strategies.


Senior Consultant

Mr. Pota is a senior consultant with over 20 years experience as a successful Process Development Director.  He has a proven track record in the development of continuous improvement solutions and long term strategies while applying “Lean Thinking” concepts.