We are excited to announce that WMCO has signed an agreement with the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB).  Many WMCO members already belong to CFIB. Now all WMCO members have access to the business support, savings programs, and independent business advocacy provided by CFIB!


With over 97,000 members, CFIB is Canada’s largest advocacy organization concerned about the survival and growth of independent businesses.

Some of the many benefits for WMCO members include:

  1. Complimentary, unlimited access to CFIB’s bilingual Business Advisors who can assist you (or your staff) with virtually any business-related issue.  (HR, compliance, regulation, employment standards, labour laws, COVID-19, etc.)
  2. A wide selection of CFIB templates for HR and compliance requirements, with telephone assistance from CFIB Business Advisors.
  3. Free CFIB webinars on a wide variety of helpful topics for business owners.
  4. Free VUbiz continuing education courses for you and your staff.
  5. CFIB Savings Programs such as payment processing, payroll processing, property and casualty insurance, worldwide courier/shipping, employee benefit programs, banking discounts, etc. (A typical CFIB member can save more than $5000 per year.)
  6. Join with more than 97,000 CFIB members, greatly enhancing the effectiveness of CFIB advocacy work that saves businesses thousands of $$ every year.
  7. The WMCO head office team will also have access to CFIB’s Business Advisors, Savings Programs, and advocacy support!

CFIB Program One Pagers

CFIB Savings Brochure – Updated Regularly

CFIB Presentation by Michael Kirwin – June 1st, 2022

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require assistance or are interested in membership.
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