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    Michelle Holden

    A member is looking for a digital solution to manage his staff’s time in production. Currently, the production staff writes their time out on paper.

    Are you using a digital time monitoring system in your shop? Let us know what is working for you in your production environment.

    Send us an email to let us know!

    Michelle Holden

    This may be too simplistic for some needs, but we have devised a timesheet using Excel. My 6 employees log into Google Drive using their Gmail account and fill in their individual time sheets.

    When logged in, they have drop down menus and choices for:
    daily check in & out,
    lunch time out,
    project worked on and time spend on each task.

    We then download the completed time sheets every 2 weeks, save the info for our files and reset the time sheets to zero with the new pay period.

    They fill them in from their phones mostly, so it can be updated from anywhere and I can literally see them punching in live as I have the admin oversight.
    So I can check on hours spent on projects & tasks in a timely fashion. Assuming the hours are filled in on a daily basis.

    Hope that helps, feel free to inquire for more info.

    Michelle Holden

    Yes we have a digital solution that we offer to our clients – The Time keeping Assistant.

    The Production Assistant Time Keeping module provides a complete set of functionalities to track production times of your factory efficiently. It can be used as a Punch Clock for employees’ time as well as a precise way to calculate costs and production time per Job, Department or even task.
    The User can refer to all tracked times, filter the different views, adjust and modify time stamps and export Excel reports that can further be used for payroll or costs calculations, amongst other things.

    If your client what our information, feel free to give him.

    Best regards,

    Suzy Stead
    Project Manager – Executive Assistant
    T. 1 877 844-4141 Ext 410
    E. sstead@web-cab.com

    Michelle Holden

    tsheets is a pretty good one and it is monthly only

    Michelle Holden

    We are using mytimestation.com and find that it works quite well! And it’s free for businesses with less than 10 employees!


    Michelle Holden

    We are using TimeTrex

    Michelle Holden

    Yes. I have both. And have developed a piece of software that does cycle counts to help balance flow in the factory.

    Happy to help

    Brad Cairns
    Best Damn Doors
    (519) 637-7023- P
    (519) 637-7024- F
    (519) 494-2883- C

    Michelle Holden

    FreePoint has a simple, “out-of-the-box” solution for connecting directly to machines for productivity information and simplifying the operator input processes for down time etc. We would be happy to arrange webinars or in-plant demonstrations.
    Please let me know who at BWA we should connect with.

    Paul Hogendoorn
    FreePoint Technologies Inc.
    (519) 281-6772

    Michelle Holden

    We had a custom program written.
    We are generally pleased with how it works. (every program has tiny glitches)
    We got this at a fraction of the cost of typical CRM or ERP systems.
    It does Employee times, customer lists, quotes, supplier lists, inventory control, purchase orders, invoices, profit and loss reports for each order, and more.
    Phase 1 was $4k, Phase 2 & 3 followed over next 2 years. All in under $10k.
    Just employee time recording would only be a fraction of the cost.
    Ours works like a time clock for payroll, and tracks labour for each task / each order, in 6 minute increments.

    Michelle Holden

    We use tsheets by quickbooks.

    It’s an app with lots of functionality. We can switch tasks, jobs and customers.

    It syncs with QB easily.


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