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    Michelle Holden
    A member is looking to outsource an overflow of work to another manufacturer. This work will entail approximately 290 kitchen islands constructed of an EGGER textured melamine.
    • Acceptance of this work will include the requirement to:
      • Machine
      • Construct
      • Deliver
      • Install
    • Textured melamine is 19mm thick sheets.
    • Material will be supplied.
    • Size of the sheet is 7 x 9. Must be able to machine 7 x 9 material on CNC.
    • The edging is PVC and or ABS. The edge banding machine should have the ability to pre-mill as well as end trim, top & bottom trim, and break the edge (profile).
    • Island layouts will vary to incorporate 7 different designs.
    • Weekly delivery and installation will require an average of 30 islands.
    • Delivery will be to a downtown Toronto location.
    For those interested, please contact Ryan Tabone or Tara Davey of the Bluewater Wood Alliance with capacity, and start date availability.If you can help with this request, click here to send us an email to let us know or leave a comment below.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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