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Retooling Sales for COVID & the Post COVID World

During partial “business shutdown,” salespeople are working from home. Buyers are having meetings from home. Residential and business customers are still making purchase decisions today. How ready is your business to adapt to these new realities? Andrew Wall, from Sandler Training to deliver practical and tactical sales techniques to your company.

Each week these interactive remote training events will address a new topic.

Week 1 – Digital Prospecting – What is it and how do we do it

Week 2 – Running Effective Zoom Meetings – Techniques to improve your video meeting outcomes

Week 3 – How do we get Buyers motivated to Buy? – Stop “telling” and “start asking good questions.”

Week 4 – Remove “Tire Kickers” and work with “Real Prospects” – Learn the signs of people wasting your time vs. Qualified Prospects

Learn the behaviors, attitudes, and techniques necessary to win more sales opportunities.

Walk away with new skills that you can apply immediately. 


Sales Workshop

1-Day Introductory Workshop focused on the Wood Industry Sales Environment!

Have you ever wanted to be as good at Sales as you are at making wood products?  Sales can be a challenging game, but it doesn’t have to be. Attend this 1-Day Introductory Workshop focused on the Wood Industry Sales Environment.

If you can relate to the following statements, then this workshop is for you:

Frustrated – Spending a lot of time and energy with prospects, but only a fraction become customers?

Disappointed – Prospects pressuring you on price instead of seeing the value of your products

Concerned – Spending to much time providing “free consulting” to prospects that don’t buy

Bothered – Does your sales cycle seems to be taking longer than it should

Considering – Are you considering export markets and not sure if your sales team ready?

Worried – Finding it difficult to build a sales team/person that can perform as well as you can


Sales Management Workshop

1-Day Training for Presidents and Owners develop your Sales Driven Company!

Presidents and Owners develop your Sales Driven Company!

You own the company; you are responsible for growing the company, operating the company and making a profit. Sometimes this is just too many hats. This Interactive Workshop is designed for Wood Companies wanting to improve your Sales Efficiencies and gain back your valuable time.

If you are the President, Owner and/or Sales Manager, then this BWA workshop is for you!

Sales Driven Companies focus on these Four Areas:

Hiring – Hiring and Developing B+/A Players and moving out C Players. Hiring Great Sales People is tough but not impossible. Learn How.

Sales Growth Strategy – Developing Your Sales Growth Strategy. Great salespeople still need a Plan and a Sales Growth Strategy to execute. Learn how to build this yourself.

Sales Process – Creating a consistent Sales Process utilizing the same Selling System. Develop your own best practices and reduce the time you spend as Sales Manager and Sales Person.

Sales Management – Improve your Sales Management and Sales Skills. The best salesperson may not be the best sales manager. Learn key sales management functions to propel growth and reduce your time required.

BWA Sandler Training Milton Members Only Sales Training Course

Interested in a more intensive sales training course? We offer three options available to BWA members only. Partial funding for these courses is available through the Canada Ontario Job Grant. Scroll down to learn more.


Your company didn’t become an overnight success and developing sales mastery takes time. Improve your sales skills with this intensive sales training course. Available in-person or via remote interactive learning.


Are you a $2M to $5M BWA member wanting to be more?? Develop a successful Sales Growth Strategy and introduce systems, structure, and skills so your Sales Team can double or triple your business.


Are you’re a $10M+ BWA Member knowing deep down you have so much more potential? Presidents and Management Teams desiring greater success will learn skills to achieve outstanding results.