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    Michelle Holden

    If you were unable to join us for this important event you can watch a recording online. Click here to watch!

    Many companies are forecasting and bracing for a substantial impact on their business growth. We are past the shock phase – and now we can focus on moving forward. We are working together towards recovery with guest speakers Stephen Tapp EDC’s Deputy Chief Economist and Barry Reid of LMI Canada.

    This event included: 

    1. Stephen Tapp, EDC’s Deputy Chief Economist to provide economic insight into the days, weeks, and months ahead for the value-added wood industry. Stephen will present and include a Q&A period as well on:

    • Overview of current economic trends over the next six months to a year as a result of COVID-19
    • Trending the impact on the value-added wood products sector
    • How can we prepare for the upcoming economic trend
    • What to expect as restrictions loosen
    • Recommendations for wood manufacturing companies and their suppliers to weather the storm

    Click to download the presentation.

    2. Barry Reid of Leadership Management International (LMI) recaps techniques to help cope during this pandemic. Barry will present and include a Q&A period as well on:

    • Leadership Through Challenge and Crisis.
    • Personality traits of successful people revealed
    • The formula for success revealed
    • Definition of Success
    • The Tyranny of the Imperative! How time is your most valuable asset!

    Click to download the presentation.

    3. And finally, an open discussion with all attendees to see how everyone is coping and dealing with the business challenges.

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