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    Michelle Holden

    If you were unable to join us for this important event you can watch a recording online. Click here to watch!

    On Thursday, May 14th online we looked at how to prepare companies for Retooling Their Sales for COVID-19 and what lies ahead in the post-COVID World. This event was open to non-members, community partners & members of CKCA and AWMAC.

    This is a truly changed world of interactions. New methods of interconnectivity are going to play an important role in sustainability. How are you preparing for this?

    This event included:

     1. Andrew Wall, President of Sandler Training Milton presented on:

    • How comfortable are you with Digital Prospecting?
    • How effective are you Selling through Zoom meetings?
    • How do we get Buyers motivated to Buy?
    • How do we know the “Tire Kickers” from the “Real Prospects”?
    • As well as Q & A

    2. A brief highlight from Alex Bilik of Cowan Insurance & Connie Rowley of Woodsure on ways companies can manage risk and reduce their insurance costs:

    • Due diligence for renewing policies in a changing economy
    • Simple changes to their current systems that better align them with today’s situations
    • The unrealized risk with buildings on temporary shut down
    • Steps to limit risk when reopening
    • Business interruption coverage
    • Historical indicators from past market shocks and how
    • COVID-19 trend applies to the past
    • And an opportunity for Q&A.

    3. And finally, an open discussion with all attendees to see how everyone is coping and dealing with the legislation and business challenges.

    We hope you can join us for this important event as we all work together to understand better how to position our industry to cope with the crisis and prepare for recovery.

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