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Michelle Holden

We sell 2-K water based polyurethanes that contain isocyanates. As a rule the levels that are emitted during spraying are usually below the threshold level that requires special protection or reporting. Unfortunately because the SDS will state that there are isocyanates present a Ministry of Labour inspector may require proof that this is true or will require the shop to proceed with the required reporting and advanced PPE typically used when working with solvent based polyurethanes commonly used in the auto refinish sector. This would mean having in place a safe handling plan for the use of the material and providing the customers with fresh air supplied respirators. In the past some of our customers have had an environmental air quality assessment done which monitors the air for isocyanates during a work day. The last test we had done in 2019 was around $7000.00 for a shop with two booths. It was determined that the level of isocyanates did not reach the LEL level to require any special handling or PPE. If the member would like I could forward them the name of the company that did the environmental assessment. We still provided assistance for our customer with creating a safe handling process to ensure that there employees are informed and aware but I think any supplier would do the same.


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