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Michelle Holden

Having represented 3 different ERP solutions specifically for the Woodworking industry, researched several others and collaborated with many through mutual clients, I can say that ERP for a small medium shop that does not have a team of engineers to implement and/or a budget well into the six figures, has failed most often than not. The ones that have not been classified as a failure and abandoned are using a fraction of what they intended during the sales process. Unfortunately, I no longer believe in ERP for small and medium sized shops.

We now offer a solution to common woodworking shop problems that has an easy implementation and quick return on investment known as Manufacturing execution systems (MES). These systems are common in other industries and pick up where the CAD/CAM (Cabinet Vision, Microvellum, etc) leave off. They offer the ability to intelligently guide jobs through the shop into shipping and offer relevant dashboards for office use.

The one we work with is called Production Assistant from Web-Cab and has a proven and great success rate.
Hope this helps!
Peter Mate President of Planit Canada
t: 888-824-1474 X 707
e: peterm@planitcanada.ca